How Laser Dentistry is Beneficial for Everyone, by Your Cosmetic and Pediatric Dentist in Tustin CA

Here at Cornerstone Family Dentistry, we seek to only offer our patients the best!


Many patients avoid the dentist purely because of the drill! In our office, we have upgraded from traditional dentistry to laser dentistry. 


The Solea Laser allows us to treat our patients in a more pain-free, advanced manner. 


Filling Cavities

We can now fill cavities without the use, or sound, of a drill!  


Virtually Eliminates the Need for Anesthetics

The Solea Laser eliminates the need traditional sedation dentistry. With its unique numbing effect, the Solea Laser also removes the need for traditional dental anesthetics. 


Most patients who have been treated with the Solea Laser report NO PAIN during a dental procedure! Our patients, in most cases, are also able to leave the office talking normally and without pain. 


Procedures are Less Invasive and More Precise

The Solea laser seals your blood vessels and nerve endings as it works, meaning that the recovery process is basically instantaneous, causing no bleeding and requiring no stitches. This means that your healing time is significantly reduced, and you are less susceptible to infection. 


Save Time!

With the Solea laser, we are able to complete procedures in much less time than using traditional dentistry methods. The laser also allows us to complete multiple procedures in just one visit. 

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