What Your Car Can Teach You About the Mouth

Are you a car enthusiast? Then you’ll appreciate all the ways that your mouth is just like a car. You spend time getting your oil changed, washing your car and filling up your fuel tank. That’s because you know preventing issues with the car is much easier than fixing it. You take care of things before they break and that is wise. Let’s talk about how to get some more mileage for your mouth with these strategies.
Keep the Grille Clean
The grille of your car prevents anything from hurting the components under your hood. Your mouth is also a filter, but it protects the entire body. Your mouth is full of good and bad germs. The bad bacteria lead to gum disease and cavities. Left untreated, you could face tooth loss. In addition, gum disease leads to other concerns like stroke, diabetes and heart disease.
Fill Your Tank
Would you put any liquid in your fuel tank? I sure hope not! In the same respect, you need to watch what goes in your mouth as well. Fill it with quality fuel by making your diet full of vegetables and fruits.
How far will your car go if you aren’t watching the oil levels and tire pressures? Probably not very far! That’s the same reason you need to take regular care of your mouth. Daily flossing and brushing are the best ways to work toward a healthy, happy mouth.
Tune Up
There are some things you need to do to your car on a regular basis to extend its life. From the oil changes to the rotation of tires, there are scheduled times for you complete these tasks. Visiting our office twice a year is your mouth’s tune-up. It provides Dr. Valdez the ability to clean your teeth properly and watch for any unseen issues. Taking the time to keep these appointments now, keeps your mouth working properly for years to come.
Don’t neglect your mouth’s care in the same way you wouldn’t let the investment of your vehicle rot away. To schedule an appointment with our leading Tustin dentist, please call Cornerstone Family Dentistry today at (714) 669-9555.
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