Our Painless Tustin Dentist Utilizes Laser Dentistry Techniques

When you hear the words Laser Dentistry, you might think it to be a futuristic practice. However, in reality, Laser Dentistry has been around as a procedure since 1960.

The ‘force’ of the latest form of dentistry is light, but not just any light. Laser dentistry or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation has as its properties– velocity or speed of light, amplitude or energy of the wave, measured by the height of a wave of light and the wavelength which is the horizontal measurement of two points in a wave. It is these properties that give Laser Dentistry its ‘cutting edge’ in resolving such tooth problems as removing tooth decay, reshaping gums, removing bacteria in root canal surgery, teeth whitening and remove tissue for biopsy. Simply put: Laser light treatment is an intensity of light treatment controlled in power and duration of exposure on tissue or tooth structure by your Tustin dentist.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry:

- The dental drill is rarely used. Only used to shape filling or polish the filling.

- There is less pain felt and so the need for anesthetics is reduced.

- Laser Dentistry technology is faster dental treatment and as such is more costly.


What you need to keep in mind

Laser Dentistry cannot be used where fillings are already in place or to fill cavities found between teeth, cannot be used around old fillings or where there are large cavities requiring a crown. Nor can the laser dental treatment be used to remove crowns or silver fillings.


Consider for yourself the FORCE of Laser Dentistry to a brighter smile. Contact your Dental Office in Tustin CA at (714) 669-9555 to learn more it. 

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