Tustin CA Dentist Discusses Harmful and Harmful Candies for Your Smile

Candy is a part of your daily life if you live in America. Candy bars, chewing gum, gummies and more are all available at every checkout counter of every retailer or gas station you can imagine. Resisting the lure of candy can be hard, but you can make smart decisions about the type of candy you eat. Your Tustin, CA dentist has detailed the top 3 best and top 3 worst candies for your teeth. 
Best Candies:
1. Chocolate candy is a good choice because it washes off teeth easily. Dark chocolate has antioxidants that are great for heart health. If you can choose sugar free chocolate, do so, and always eat chocolate and sugary foods in moderation. 
2.  Sugar-Free Hard Candy like lollipops, butterscotches, fruit disks, and other candies stimulate saliva. This helps prevent dry mouth and reduces the amount of plaque buildup on teeth. Avoid chewing or crunching hard candies so that you don't chip a tooth or get pieces stuck in your gums. 
3.  Sugar-Free Gum is a great choice for people who want to satisfy a sweet tooth. Some gums can help prevent cavities and can also help dislodge food particles that are stuck between teeth. Saliva increased by chewing gum also helps to prevent tooth decay by neutralizing acids in the mouth. 
Worst Candies:
1. Sugary Candy and desserts are always the worst choices for your teeth because sugar causes tooth decay. The longer sugary substances stay on your teeth, the more likely it is to develop cavities. If you do choose to eat sugary cadies, make sure to brush your teeth right after whenever you can. 
2.  Chewy Candy like gummies, taffy, licorice, and caramels can get stuck in between teeth or in the spaces where tooth decay is already present. Brushing does not always remove these chewy and sticky substances from teeth. Make sure you are flossing and brushing whenever you eat a chewy candy. 
3. Sour Candy have a lot of acid that can damage tooth enamel. Although saliva will balance the acids in the mouth, the process is slow and if you eat a lot of sour candies, you may not be able to keep a consistent balance of acids in your mouth. Make sure to wait to brush after eating acidic candy because brushing immediately can push acid into tooth cavities and cause erosion. 
While candy should be avoided as much as possible for oral and overall health, making good choices over the holidays and when tempted in the grocery line can help keep your teeth from suffering the affects of candies. 
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