Our Family Dentist in Tustin, CA Discusses Tongue-Tied Infants

Sometimes newborns can be born tongue-tied or otherwise called ankyloglossia. This is when the frenum connects the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth and restricts the baby’s normal movement. You’ll notice issues with nursing and eventually speaking. This is a common complaint and can be easily repaired.  

Signs of a Tongue-Tied Baby
If your baby is nursing, it's easier to tell if they are tongue-tied. Here are some of the common signs:
Baby breaks suction during feeding
Weight gain is occurring slowly
Baby makes a clicking noise during feeding
The milk supply might begin to decrease
Your nipples might be painful due to the baby chewing instead of sucking
Treatment Procedures
Traditional treatments include clipping or cutting the frenum tissue. Gentle laser methods are now being used which applies cool water during the procedure. This advance causes virtually no bleeding or pain and the risk of infection is dramatically decreased. In addition, it only takes about a minute to complete.
Wait and See
It is not wise to wait and see if the tongue-tie baby will have issues. While it is common, it can often go undiagnosed until later in the child’s life. Sometimes, it isn’t noticed until the child has difficulty pronouncing certain sounds.
Complications from being tongue-tied can include:
Trouble with eating and nursing
Difficulty speaking
Poor nutrition
Issues with airway which can cause asthma, allergies and sleep disorders
If you are an adult who fears you are suffering from a tongue-tied issue, you can still receive treatment. Start by evaluating if any of these symptoms include what you experience:
Brain fog and lack of energy
Waking up tired
Sleep apnea
Chronic neck pain or shoulder pain
Jaw pain and audible jaw click 
Tooth sensitivity 
Mouth breathing 
Teeth grinding
If you believe that your child has an issue with being tongue-tied, it is better to search out the treatment options while they are young. The procedure will only take a few minutes and it can save them from a lifetime of issues. Make an appointment to have your child evaluated by our family dentist in Tustin, CA today. Cornerstone Dentistry can be reached at (714) 669-9555 or you can click here to request an appointment.
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