Dr. Valdez Utilizes The Wand® STA to Provide a Top Smile Makeover in Tustin CA

Aseptico markets The Wand® All Injection System, which painlessly and effortlessly delivers computer-controlled amounts of anesthetic to the PDL space for profound anesthesia of a single tooth or quadrant, eliminating collateral numbness and doing away with the fear and anxiety associated with syringe injection.


There are countless benefits for our patients to utilize this incredible tool to provide a smile makeover in Tustin CA:


• Patients are far more comfortable with The Wand and greatly reduces anxiety and stress that they can suffer from during their appointment

• Patients won't have to come to multiple appointments - with the advanced technology of The Wand, we can give you the treatment you need in one visit

• Patients are far more comfortable with their treatment and that our practice is keeping up with the latest and greatest in dental technology, education, and advancements

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