Cosmetic Dentist Tustin CA Shares Questions to Ask Before Teeth Whitening

Many people enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening. Surveys suggest that 80% of adults wish their teeth were brighter and whiter. That’s because white teeth give the impression that you are successful, trustworthy and outgoing. People that have discolored teeth are often seen as lazy, old or unfriendly according to polls. 
Our cosmetic dentist in Tustin, CA can help you achieve a whiter smile. Whatever method you decide works best for you; there are some questions you need to ask first.
Is Whitening Right for Me?
The main reason to get tooth whitening done is to adore your smile. It’s effective at meeting expectations of those that just need a more vibrant smile. With that in mind, tooth whitening won’t change the appearance of your smile. If your teeth are misshaped or crooked, teeth whitening won’t make that better. 
If you have numerous issues happening, you might be more interested in porcelain veneers instead. This covers mild cosmetic concerns plus the whitening aspect. You can kill two birds with one stone.
Will Whitening Work?
One reason that whitening treatments are often performed is because it’s effective as well as convenient and safe when done by a professional. It’s important to know that whitening doesn’t work for everyone. Not every type of discoloration can be fixed with peroxide. If the enamel on your teeth is thin, your teeth might appear darker because the dentin is showing through. This is another time that porcelain veneers might be a better option for you.
How are Whitened Teeth Maintained?
Once you whiten your teeth, you need to realize that the teeth can be stained again. How quickly this happens depends on what kind of care you give your teeth. It also depends on your lifestyle and tooth structure. If you are a smoker, the whitening can dull out within just a few months following treatment. This is also the case if you drink coffee on a regular basis. 
By maintaining good oral hygiene, you help to prolong the effects. You could also have treatment again in the future if you need a whitening boost. Either way, Dr. Valdez knows the best ways to whiten your teeth. Make sure you set up an appointment today.
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