Tustin CA Dentist Discusses Filtered Water & Your Dental Health

We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water for optimal dental health. It washes away food particles and bacteria plus keeps your breath fresh. Water should be by your side all day to sip on. It’s low-cost, safe and convenient. With that said, many people now filter their water, but that could be detrimental to your dental health.
What’s Wrong with Filtered Water
If you drink filtered water, there’s a significant health concern to consider. Many filtered waters do not contain fluoride which is needed to build healthy teeth. Public water has fluoride in it and keeps you protected. Fluoride is known to prevent tooth decay, but you need more than just what you get in your toothpaste.
Maybe you prefer to drink bottled water instead. In this case, you may also be missing the fluoride content you need. Some manufacturers remove the naturally occurring fluoride. The only way to tell is by looking at your label. It should tell you if the water is fluoridated or not. Thankfully, many companies now understand the importance, so there are more brands offering fluoridated water.
If you filter your own tap water, you might also be at risk. You’ll want to examine the filter to see if the American Dental Association awarded them with a seal of approval. Some filters carry the seal and this means that they don’t remove fluoride as they remove other products from the water. With this seal, you know that the water you’re drinking contains fluoride and you are benefitting your teeth.
How Can the Dentist Help?
If you are concerned about how much fluoride you’re receiving, it’s important to see your Tustin, CA dentist. They can offer some supplemental fluoride treatments if you need additional support. It’s also vital that you attend your regular appointments for examination. That’s when the dentist can assess your needs for other cavity prevention methods. Take care of your teeth with fluoridated water and you’ll have less of a chance of cavities and decay. Then, you can walk away from your exams with a big, white smile.
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