Dentist in Tustin CA discuss how to handle dental emergency

Sports injury, falls and accidents can result in avulsed (knocked-out), loosened or fractured teeth, along with cuts on the gums, lips or cheeks are all the examples of dental emergencies.


How to handle a Dental Emergency?


Lets discuss some first aid measurements that can come in handy until the person seeks a dental help. It is important that the person applies a cold press to the injured area so the bleeding stops after the compresses, this is advisable if you cut a lip or a cheek area or if there is any injury to the jaw bone.


If the person suffers from a toothache, then should consider mouth rinses with warm water and use a floss to clear the area from any food debris impaction.


But in case when the tooth is knocked out of its socket along with its roots, the person should use warm water to rinse and then apply cold compresses or place a gauze. The person should rinse the avulsed tooth in water if it's dirty and then place it in milk. The milk is the best transport medium, however, other medium include patient's own saliva.


One should check with the dentist within few minutes of an emergency. It is best to hold the dislodged tooth from its tip rather than its root and one should see the dentist with 30 minutes of injury as there are high chances the dentist can replace the dislodged tooth back in its socket.


In cases when the tooth is fractured or chipped-off from the surface which is visible that is the crown of the tooth, then the tooth has possibly undergoes root canal therapy, if the doctor is approached within a few hours of the injury.


Approaching the dentist at the right time makes a lot of difference to the treatment plan the dentist would recommend and there are higher chances of saving the tooth than replacing it with artificial substitutes.

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