How Smokers Can Improve Dental Health

One of the best ways to avoid having oral problems and dental complications is not to smoke. But there are also ways to take care of your teeth if you find it hard to stop the habit of smoking. Here’s some of the best advice from Cornerstone Family Dentistry, your best dental office in Tustin CA.


Tips to Help Smokers Keep Their Mouths Clean and Healthy


Frequent Dental Check-ups:


It’s healthy to see the doctor at least twice or thrice a year for a non-smoker. But as a smoker, the risk of oral problems is significantly higher, so going to the dentist more frequently is of great help. The dentist can help manage the tartar buildup and remove the discoloration due to nicotine. Also, the dentist can monitor any sign of sores and inflammation of any kind that can lead to cancer.


Stricter Dental Practice:


It’s not enough that you visit your local dentist frequently; brushing, flossing, and gargling also helps a lot. Even the type of toothbrush can mean a lot when dealing with the removal of stubborn stains. Make sure you buy hard, strong bristled toothbrush that’ll help reach the back of your teeth. There is also stronger toothpaste made to combat problems from smoking. Flossing makes sure that the hard areas to reach in between the teeth are scrubbed. Furthermore, the mouthwash helps prevent halitosis brought by the cigarette.


Avoid or Lessen Consumption of Teeth-Staining Food and Acidic Food


As a smoker, your teeth are already stained. By avoiding or lessening the consumption of foods that contain coloring and other additives that cause stains, you can avoid staining your teeth further. By lessening the consumption of acidic food such as soda and citrus, you’ll help delay the breakdown of your enamel.


Be Aware:


It’s also your job to check your mouth periodically. Check your mouth and neck areas for sores, lumps, or swelling. If it lasts for more than two weeks, alert your dentist for it may be a more serious problem for you.


Even being a smoker, it is still possible to take good care of your teeth. Visit your dental office in Tustin CA, and take proactive steps to quit smoking once and for all.


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