Tustin CA Dentist discuss: Foods to avoid when you have sensitive cracked tooth

Most of the time, we just ignore sudden sensitivities on our tooth when we eat something. Teeth sensitivity can be caused by cracked tooth, but you cannot even detect on which part of the tooth the pain comes from.


This could appear as a vertical fracture of a tooth, invisible from the naked eye. It can be a small or huge crack, but it hurts due to pressure in eating (biting) different type of foods. It pays to be informed, especially in knowing what type of foods you can eat or avoid.


Common food types that cause sensitivity


•    Acidic foods

It is essential classifying foods from slightly to moderately acidic. For example, slightly acidic foods comprise grains, meat, beans, corn, fish, coffee, and berries while highly acidic foods include soft drinks, orange juice, sour cream, yogurt, wine, sodas, fermented foods, cheese, fruits, and pickle foods. It is fine to have them occasionally and in moderate amounts.


•    Hard food and sugar candies

Eating hard foods obviously can crack your teeth leading discomfort. For example, biting down hard or chewy candies and sticky foods like caramel should be avoided. This increases pressure through biting which produce sensitivity.


•    Hot and cold foods

Avoid eating extremely cold foods like ice cream and cold drinks as they may cause pain and cracked teeth due to extremely low temperature. On the other hand, foods that possess high temperature also cause pain and fractured teeth. For example, hot coffee or tea and hot soups aggravate sensitive teeth.


If you really love all of them, consult your dentist first for measures lessening the sensitivity e.g. proper toothbrush and toothpaste to use. Dairy-rich and nutrient-rich foods are just a few of the options that could relieve discomfort when you really have a sensitive tooth. Ultimately, it is a matter of discipline on what type of food you take in knowing your dental condition. Be mindful asking these to your dentist for any possible measures alleviating the situation.

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