Our Tustin Pediatric Dentist Shares Fun Activities Children Will Enjoy on Tooth Fairy Day

I’ll bet you didn’t know that February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day. Because the tooth fairy is so amazing, we actually celebrate the day again on August 22nd. That’s right! She gets two days a year for recognition because of how awesome she truly is. 
Here are some ways you can join in the celebration this year:
Read Dental Books
There are lots of dental related books you can read together with your children. Take this day of celebration to share a heart-warming dental story with one another. One of our personal favorites is The Mixed-up Tooth Fairy written by William Faulkner.
Then, have your child make up their own tooth fairy story and share it with you. Why not get out the markers and illustrate the creation together?
Watch a Movie
Gather the family together with your favorite healthy snack and watch a movie featuring the tooth fairy. Some favorites include Rise of the Guardians or The Tooth Fairy.
Make a Pillow
Create your very own Tooth Fairy pillow. There are lots of instructions online that show you how to make a pillow that will hold your child’s tooth when it falls out. How much fun will that be?
Learn About Good Oral Health
Take some time to remind your children of the importance of oral health. There are plenty of printable games you can download online with fun connect the dots, word scrambles or coloring pages to help make it fun to learn. With proper brushing, flossing and eating a balanced diet, your child will have the best chance at a life with a healthy mouth. 
This day is also a great reminder to schedule your child for a professional cleaning and exam. It’s important that the dentist sees your child twice a year to watch for hidden problems and help encourage good oral health. 
Think of your dentist in Tustin, CA as part of the tooth fairy’s team. The entire staff is dedicated to the well-being and health of your child, so it is important to keep connected throughout the year. If you notice anything unusual, don’t ever be afraid to contact the dentist for advice. Let’s all take this time to celebrate what a wonderful job the tooth fairy has been doing. 
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