Our Family Dentist in Tustin Shares the Best Ways to Care for Your Braces

Braces can dramatically improve your smile, leaving it looking healthy and straight. In most cases, braces will stay on your teeth for about two years depending on the discretion of your doctor. To ensure that your new smile turns out beautifully, it’s important to take good care of them throughout the entire process. Here are a few tips to help your braces stay strong and effective.
Foods to Avoid
Things like toffee and gooey candy are some of the worst things that you can eat with your braces. These types of food can get stuck in the brackets and be very difficult to remove. You may even have to end up doing a lot of scraping to get it off completely. To avoid this, try swapping out your salt-water taffy for yogurt or ice cream. You’ll still get your sugar-fix without all the trouble!
Water Flossers
Water flossers are great for getting into the crevices of your brackets. No matter how careful you are with your food choices, things may inevitably get trapped in your braces. Your dentist can recommend a brand of water flosser, and you may even be able to purchase it at their office. They’re also available for purchase online or at other major retailers. As a bonus, this tool can also assist with removing plaque and other buildup on your teeth. 
If you’re not interested in using a water flosser, your dentist can either recommend or give you special manual flossers that will go in between your braces smoothly. They’ll also minimize damage on the bars and brackets. 
Additional Time Brushing
Regular brushing is always extremely important whether you have braces or not. However, adding an extra minute to your brushing can keep your teeth healthy and prevent stains. With braces, it’s easier for things to get stuck in your teeth, so adding that extra minute can help remove extra debris that you may not reach during your normal two-minute routine.
While dealing with braces may seem difficult at times, your amazing smile will be well worth it in the end. As always, be sure to keep up with your regular orthodontist visits and checkups and ask them questions about the best way to care for your braces. 
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