Educational Dental Blogs by Your Family Dentist in Tustin CA

Cornerstone Family Dentistry prides itself on being updated in all of the latest news, education, and products in the dentistry field. We know that you're not able to visit the dentist at all times, which is why we want to keep our patients in-the-know, too! Below, we'll be listing our frequently updating blog with dental news, helpful tips, procedure information, and more.


If you have any questions, would like to know more about a specific topic, or are ready to schedule an appointment on the best date and time for you, call your Tustin CA dentist today at (714) 669-9555.


September 2018

-Your Biggest Dental Implant Questions Answered


August 2018

-Questions to Ask Before Whitening


July 2018

-Is Filtered Water Good for Teeth?


June 2018

-4 Options for Replacing Missing Teeth


May 2018

-Preventing Dry Mouth


April 2018

-Nighttime Oral Care Routine FAQs


March 2018

-What Your Car Can Teach You About the Mouth


February 2018

-Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day


January 2018

-Top 3 Best & Worst Candies for Teeth


December 2017

-Tongue-Tied Infants


November 2017

-9 Tips for Healthy Holiday Teeth


October 2017

-Timing Your Kids While They Brush


September 2017

-What is Gingivitis?


August 2017

-Caring For Teeth With Braces


July 2017

-Preventing Cavities in Children


June 2017

- Oral Health & Diabetes


May 2017

- How Smokers Can Improve Dental Health

- Am I Brushing My Teeth Correctly?


April 2017

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?


March 2017

Dental Problems that are Hereditary

How to handle a Dental Emergency?


February 2017

Foods to avoid when you have sensitive cracked tooth

How to restore your tooth enamel?


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