Pediatric Dentist Tustin CA discuss the benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

So perfect is that wee little one lying so peacefully in the crib of the hospital maternity ward. Everything
looks ‘perfect’ – ten fingers and ten toes and resting so peacefully. He or she is ‘perfect!’ the proud parents squeal to anyone that is within hearing distance.

You vow this ‘little blessing in your life’ is going to get ‘the best’ of everything and we hope that ‘best’ begins by the time your child is looking at that BIG ONE on his/her first birthday cake and puckering the lips in what seems like trying to blow out the candle. Before that big FIRST birthday arrives, your child should have had the experience of his or her FIRST DENTAL VISIT because an infant’s teeth begin to erupt in the mouth at approximately six months of life and continue to erupt every six months until all primary teeth are present by approximately two or three years of age.


We would recommend that you consider a pediatric dentist rather than your own general dentist. Below are the reasons why we say so: 



A pediatric dentist is a specialist where infant to child to adolescent teeth formation is concerned. The study includes four years of college and four years of dental school and two years of child psychology. Be assured a pediatric dentist is specifically trained to treat the child’s developing teeth and has the abundant experience of spotting any mouth or teeth problems early.



The equipment of a pediatric dentist is designed for the size of his or her patient. The pediatric dentist has the ability to develop a rapport with your little one by patiently showing and explaining the tools of the trade and the process to be done in words your child can understand.



Pediatric dental professionals will also instruct children on the ‘shalt and shalt not’ of good oral hygiene. The very office environment spells ‘fun’ with the bright wall colors and toys in the waiting room. The choice of a pediatric dentist for your little one is the start of ‘the best life’ – a life with a healthy smile!

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