Have a Healthy Holiday Smile with Our Tustin Dentist

Keeping your smile bright and white is an important concern this time of year. Here are 10 of our best dental tips for keeping your teeth healthy.


1. Stay Away from Candy Canes

Hard candy is everywhere you go but it has the potential to crack your teeth. In addition, this sugar sits on your teeth for extended periods of time and can lead to cavities.


2. Moderate the Wine

Wine is a common drink to enjoy at holiday parties but red wine has a tendency to stain the teeth. Opt for white wine instead or drink while eating to minimize the effect on the teeth.


3. Avoid Sodas

These sugary drinks are damaging to the teeth and can erode the enamel. Opt for sparkling water instead. If you must drink soda, use a straw to keep the acid away from your teeth.


4. Don’t Gift Candy

It is common practice to fill our kid’s stocking with candy but that isn’t good for their teeth. Instead, give a toothbrush or practical gift and eliminate the possibility of cavities.


5. Eat Healthy Options

Turkey, vegetables and fruits are all great choices during the holiday. They will provide your body with the necessary nutrients and help you to stay clear of tooth decay. You can also enjoy calcium-rich cheese for a healthy snack.


6. Sing While Brushing

Enjoy those Christmas carols while brushing your teeth. It is important that you brush for two minutes twice a day. This is just enough time to sing your favorite tunes to yourself. Be sure you brush off your tongue as well.


7. Your Teeth are Not a Tool

There are plenty of packages to open, nuts to crack and bottles to open, but your teeth are not meant to handle these tasks. Attempting to do so anyway could result in breaking or chipping a tooth.


8. Don’t Graze

While there may be lots of food left out all day long, you need to avoid grazing. Instead, eat only at a mealtime and then brush your teeth promptly. Allowing yourself to graze puts your teeth at greater risk of decay.


9. Make the Most of Your Holiday

While most of it seems to be centered on food, take the focus off of what is to eat and enjoy the time with loved ones. Set up games, crafts or enjoy some holiday movies together. The memories will be priceless and you can avoid tasty treats for a little.


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